Autism Overturned with Dr. Reg Morais

Diagnosed on the Autism, Aspergers and OCD spectrum, God’s intervention in Reg’s life, healed him. Host Dr. Reg Morais offers deep and powerful insights into the underlying causes and spiritual workings behind these conditions that many believe to be incurable.


About Dr. Reg Morais

Dr. Reg is first husband to Caryn, a Clinical Psychologist, and father to Jesse and Josh. They make their home in Perth, Western Australia.


With the Bible in his hand, the word of God in his heart, the Holy Spirit close by, angelic hosts of heaven bringing messages from the throne room daily, and 23 visitations with Jesus, people flock from all around the world to seek either healing or a breakthrough in their circumstances.


With a desire to learn the deeper things of God, Dr. Reg continues his learning. A graduate student of multiple Universities, Reg has gained multiple Degrees, Masters, Doctorates and Ph.D.’s in various types of biblical studies.


Dr. Reg is the Senior Pastor of Living Faith Community Church, launched out of Anoint the World Ministries, which he had founded 15 years prior.

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In this book you will learn from the life of Jesus how wisdom came to Him through a life of regular separation and denying of His natural desires through fasting and prayer. This worked for Jesus and will certainly work for you too, just like it’s working for RegMorais


Fasting is mentioned nearly SEVENTY times in the Old and New Testaments. It is obvious throughout scripture that prayer and fasting are meant to be an important part of life for a believer. Few Christians utilize fasting to harness the power of God. Fasting is a tool to tap into our Savior’s grace. Fast & Prayer readers will gain biblical knowledge and tools to implement fasting in their prayer life.